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Breaking Barriers and Scoring Goals: The Impact of Women's Soccer on Gender Equality in Sports

Who says women can't score? The 2019 Women's World Cup shattered that stereotype, breaking records and barriers alike. But it's not just about kicking a ball around. Women's soccer is making a huge impact on gender equality in sports, proving that the playing field can be leveled. From increased viewership to increased funding, women's soccer is on the rise and it's time to pay attention. So grab your jerseys and get ready to cheer on the champions of change.

17 Apr 23 17 mins read.

Small Businesses Thrive Amidst Pandemic: How Adaptation and Innovation are Key to Success

Small businesses are no strangers to challenges, but the pandemic has thrown a whole new curveball at them. However, some small businesses have managed to not only survive but thrive amidst the chaos. How did they do it, you ask? Through adaptation and innovation, of course! From pivoting business models to embracing technology, small businesses have found creative ways to keep their doors open and customers happy. So, grab your face mask and let's take a closer look at how these businesses are making it work.

08 Apr 23 18 mins read.

Reboots and Remakes: 90s Classics That Deserve a Modern Twist

Do you find yourself scrolling through streaming services, longing for a taste of the past? Are you craving the comfort of familiar characters and stories? Look no further, because Hollywood is here to deliver - with a modern twist, of course. The trend of remakes and reboots has been dominating the box office in recent years, and it's no surprise that some iconic movies from the 90s are up for a makeover. Let's take a look at some classics that deserve a fresh take.

26 Mar 23 20 mins read.

K-Pop Takes America: Exploring the Rise, Impact, and Controversies of Korean Pop Music in the US

Move over, Taylor Swift and Beyoncé, K-pop is taking America by storm. From the catchy tunes to the mesmerizing dance moves, K-pop has captured the hearts of millions of Americans. But what is it about this South Korean phenomenon that has everyone talking? In this article, we'll delve into the rise, impact, and controversies of K-pop in the US music industry. Get ready to be swept away by the Hallyu wave!

01 Mar 23 15 mins read.

Emotional Intelligence in the Classroom: Building Skills for Success

The key to success in the classroom is not just about mastering academic subjects. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a crucial skill that can help students develop better interpersonal relationships, cope with stress, and even improve grades. You may be thinking, But can you really teach emotions? The answer is yes! With the right strategies and integration into the curriculum, educators can help students build their EQ and set them up for success in all aspects of life. So let's get emotional, in a good way.

27 Jan 23 12 mins read.

Moneyball Magic: How the Oakland A's Defied the Odds and Changed the Game

The Oakland A's may have been the underdogs, but they certainly weren't dogging it on the field. In fact, they were breaking records left and right with their 20-game winning streak. Fans and media alike were scratching their heads, wondering how a team with a small payroll could be so successful. But little did they know, Billy Beane was working his statistical magic behind the scenes.

13 Dec 22 17 mins read.

From Unemployed to Skilled: How Technical Education Can Change Your Future

Unemployment can be a daunting challenge, especially for young people. But fear not! Technical education offers a solution that can change your future. With practical skills and a wide range of industries to apply them to, technical education is a viable option for anyone looking to succeed in the job market. Plus, who wants to spend their days buried in textbooks when they could be learning hands-on skills and having fun doing it? So, if you're feeling lost in the job market, consider technical education as a path to success.

03 Dec 22 17 mins read.

TikTok Takes Over: The Rise of Teen Celebrities and the Algorithm Behind It All

Get ready to laugh, sing, and dance along with the latest teen sensation – TikTok! This addictive new app is taking the social media world by storm, and turning ordinary teens into overnight celebrities. But how does it all work? How do videos go viral, and what makes one teenager's dance moves better than the next? Join us as we dive into the algorithm behind TikTok, and explore the highs and lows of teenage stardom. Warning: this article may cause uncontrollable foot-tapping, head-bobbing, and general fun-having.

29 Nov 22 14 mins read.