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Breaking Barriers and Scoring Goals: The Impact of Women's Soccer on Gender Equality in Sports

Who says women can't score? The 2019 Women's World Cup shattered that stereotype, breaking records and barriers alike. But it's not just about kicking a ball around. Women's soccer is making a huge impact on gender equality in sports, proving that the playing field can be leveled. From increased viewership to increased funding, women's soccer is on the rise and it's time to pay attention. So grab your jerseys and get ready to cheer on the champions of change.

17 Apr 23 17 mins read.

K-Pop Takes America: Exploring the Rise, Impact, and Controversies of Korean Pop Music in the US

Move over, Taylor Swift and Beyoncé, K-pop is taking America by storm. From the catchy tunes to the mesmerizing dance moves, K-pop has captured the hearts of millions of Americans. But what is it about this South Korean phenomenon that has everyone talking? In this article, we'll delve into the rise, impact, and controversies of K-pop in the US music industry. Get ready to be swept away by the Hallyu wave!

01 Mar 23 15 mins read.

Self-Care: The Ultimate Mental Health Booster

Are you tired of feeling like a hot mess express? Well, it's time to hop on the self-care train, because it's the ultimate mental health booster! Say goodbye to stress and anxiety, and hello to a happier, healthier you. Don't believe us? Keep reading and we'll show you the benefits of self-care, how to make it a daily habit, and how to overcome those pesky barriers. So grab a cup of tea (or glass of wine, we won't judge), and let's get to it!

19 Nov 22 14 mins read.

Breaking Barriers: The Rise of Female Athletes in Male-Dominated Sports

Get ready to cheer on these female athletes who are proving that there is no such thing as a man's sport. From football to boxing, women are breaking down barriers and showing that they are just as strong and skilled as their male counterparts. But it's not just about making history - participating in sports has numerous benefits for physical and mental health. So let's encourage more girls to get in the game and reap the rewards!

06 Nov 22 11 mins read.