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Emotional Intelligence in the Classroom: Building Skills for Success

The key to success in the classroom is not just about mastering academic subjects. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a crucial skill that can help students develop better interpersonal relationships, cope with stress, and even improve grades. You may be thinking, But can you really teach emotions? The answer is yes! With the right strategies and integration into the curriculum, educators can help students build their EQ and set them up for success in all aspects of life. So let's get emotional, in a good way.

27 Jan 23 12 mins read.

Emotional Intelligence: The Key to Success in School and Beyond

Want to know the key to success in school and beyond? It's not just good grades and a killer resume. It's emotional intelligence, or EQ for short. Don't worry, we're not talking about being a therapist or guru. EQ is simply the ability to understand, manage, and express emotions in a healthy way. And let's be real, we could all use a little help in that department.

11 Aug 22 14 mins read.